BHD Auctions LLC
A Pittsburgh Antique Auction Company
Here at BHD Auctions customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is
to effectively advertise and promote our auctions to attract the right buyers
to the auction. Whether you have 1 item or an entire estate that you need
auctioned we are the company for you. The most common question we
receive is "How does this all work?" Its a very simple and pain free process
for the consignor (seller). Its basically a 5 step process that allows the
sellers to rely on the auction company to handle the process for them.

1. A represenative from BHD will come and look at the items you are
interested in auctioning. At that time all the details are worked out and a
contract signed.

2. The items will be picked up by BHD or in some cases the seller brings
them to BHD.

3. Your items are cataloged and photographed

4. Date and time for auction are established and an ad is placed to allow the
public ample time to make plans to attend or place their bids online.

5. Your items are auctioned off to the highest bidder!

We now offer two types of auctions first being the tradiontional
auction which can be held on the property of the estate or be moved
to an alternative location. Secondly we are now offering online only auctions
where the auction is held solely on the internet.With the growing
popularity of the internet in todays marketplace it has become a more
preferred way for buyers and more profitable for sellers reaching a
higher number of interested bidders. The online sales can be conducted
from the property of the estate or at our auction facility.

Moving, Relocating or just needing to downsize? Not sure what to do?
BHD Auctions my be your solution.
Give us a call to set up your free consultation today.

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